Episode 50



It’s a Sunday night release, the audio is pretty substandard even for us, but it’s still the 50th Show! Mark joins Joe and Jamie for a taste of the 2013 and 2014 Goose Island Bourbon County Stout and little Founder’s KBS for good measure. NstreetCropped

Episode #49


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One away from 50 and we brought the thunder today with hot takes on ice cream and airports. Jester King’s Noble King is the beer!

Boozy Aslan? Is that you?

Episode #45


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It’s a very special episode of the Drinking Show. Founder’s Kentucky Breakfast Stout is one of those rare treats that you really have to sit and savor and that’s what we do as we rehash Joe’s trip to Europe.

Lives up to the hype

Episode 44


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Stone Enjoy By 4/20 starts the show on a high note and it’s down hill from there as we discuss Jamie’s trip to Austin/San Antonio to watch the Huskers loss to Baylor.

More great stuff from Stone



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Joe is finally back after his successful press junket. Luckily, he’s still grounded enough to complain about the little things. Nebraska Brewing Co. Cardinal Pale Ale and Oskar Blues Dale’s Pale Ale square off in our episode 43 Show Down.

NBC in cans

Dale’s in progress


Episode 42


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Joe and Jamie talk big dogs, mail problems, and reveal the nominees for Greatest Living American. The beer is Stone Enjoy By 2/14/14 and it’s outstanding.

Less than a month to enjoy this beauty of a double IPA from Stone.

Episode 41


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Saving January from the doldrums of winter with some ideas. Three beers to try: Fullers Porter, Schells Chimney Sweep, and Brau Brothers 100 Yd. Dash.

Fullers Porter